Summer Reading: Best Women's Health Books


My Five Favorite Women's Health Books


If you are a health geek like me, you love a great health book. 


Here are some of my favorites:


Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

written by local naturopath, Tori Hudson


This book details the origins and best natural treatments of twenty of the most common women's health issues from cervical dysplasia to menstrual cramps.


The Hormone Cure

by Sara Gottfried, MD


I like that this book is so user friendly, taking you on a quiz to find your own patterns of hormonal disharmony, and then giving clear instructions on fixing them.


Woman Code

by Alisa Vitti


Alisa Vitti has spent many years learning all there is to know about a women's cycle, including dietary influences, monthly fluctuations in mood and energy and easy, natural solutions for the stuff that keeps modern women from feeling good.


Sexy by Nature

written by our friend Stefani Ruper


Stefani's ambitious book covers body image, confidence, paleo diet, and specific conditions such as acne and hypothyroidism.


Naturally Knocked Up

by Donielle Baker


Based on her own research in becoming pregnant after severe PCOS, Donielle covers topics from detoxifying your home to adopting a traditional foods diet.  


Enjoy some healthy reading!

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Bridgit Danner, LAc