Restore Your Radiance With Ann Melin & Bridgit Danner

Ann Melin is my colleague and new partner. She is a Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in restoring functional health and balancing common dysfunctions in the hormone, immune, digestion, and detoxification systems.

This interview is a bit different because it's about Ann and me talking about our health philosophies and how we're coming together in our collaborative coaching program Restore Your Radiance. **While we are no longer offering this particular program, we have other private coaching options that you can check out on this page.

Click here to download an mp3 of "Restore Your Radiance with Ann Melin & Bridgit Danner."

Here's what you'll hear: 

Min 1:00 Introduction to Ann Melin
Min 7:00 WWC & Ann Melin's activities and challenges
Min 11:20 Ann's training and how she got into herbal medicine
Min 18:50 Bridgit's training in acupuncture and chinese medicine
Min 23:00 Ann's vision for the Restore Your Radiance Program
Min 28:10 Bridgit's vision and plan for the program
Min 30:00 Blocks to good health
Min 32:00 What it would be like to work with us and our treatment steps
Min 38:50 Health conditions we help with
Min 46:40 The beta launch of our Restore Your Radiance program and the BIG discount on the for the initial consult

To learn more about Ann Melin, visit her website here and follow her on Facebook.

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Thanks for listening,

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative