How Can This Holistic Stuff Get Me Pregnant?

Making babies is meant to happen naturally.  Healthy bodies make healthy babies.  So, yes, absolutely interventions of diet, lifestyle, and mindset do make a huge difference.  I’ve seen pregnancy happen for many of my clients!   Common fertility blocks such as low sperm quality, faulty luteal phase or absent ovulation can all be ‘fixed’ with holistic medicine.

When Will Holistic Medicine Not Work?

There are some instances when incorporating Assisted Reproductive Technology will be a great decision.  The trouble is, I see many couples being rushed into this without first correcting the underlying hormone imbalances that support fertility.

However, in some instances, ART is a big help for diminished ovarian reserve, advanced maternal age, or post-cancer.  There are also options around fostering and adoption to become a parent.  We are happy to help you navigate these decisions, and feel good about whatever choice you make.

Natural medicine is very supportive in maximizing the success of any ART you do choose.

What Can You Tell Me That Someone Else Hasn’t Told Me?

Many of my clients have seen other great practitioners, and are still not pregnant.  It’s hard to try and trust again.  But I can honestly tell you that with every client I’ve worked with, I’ve found ‘fertility blocks’ that another practitioner overlooked.  Whether it’s indigestion causing poor nutrient absorption, an autoimmune thyroid condition, or a medication that is blocking fertility – I will find it!

I’ve Already Spent Money on Fertility.  Why Should I Spend Money on a Joyful Mammas Program?

Yeah, I feel for you.  It’s frustrating.  There are a few main reasons to invest with us:

1.  The approach we take is unique and fertility specific.

2.  Trying to get pregnant can make you go crazy!  We’ll keep that in check.

3.  Making changes in your health takes consistent effort.  We’ll keep you on track.

4.  We get results.

When you really want to get pregnant, get the support you need to succeed.  My theory is, ‘leave no stone unturned’ on your fertility journey.  As long as you feel you have done your research and are making an informed choice, you will not have regrets.

What Makes You Any Different from My Doctor, Naturopath or Acupuncturist?

1.  For one thing, fertility is all we do.  We read, research, write, test out herbs.  This is all we do.

2.  Another thing that is special about us, especially with our private clients, is we are quite capable of reading and recommending labs.  If I had a $100 for every time someone told me, “my labs were fine,” and then they revealed a heap of issues, I’d be a millionaire!

As much as I’d like to be a millionaire, I’d rather give you straight talk about your labs using functional medicine as a guide.  I also use the brilliant software, Blood Chem Software, which will create for you a beautiful report and interpretation of your blood labs.  We can also recommend saliva and stool labs that will amaze you in their revelations about your condition!

3.  We educate.  I’ve been an acupuncturist for 10 years, and I can tell you that there is no where near enough time in the treatment room to teach all we teach in our Baby Launch Camp group program.

4.  We don’t give up on you.  For better or worse, we are quite attached to your success. We hold you to your desires, and dig to find answers for you.