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Hormones Summit Package

It's $42 for 42 lectures, and it's the best deal we've offered, as a thank you for buying this year's summit.

In May 2016, I hosted 42 experts to an audience of 30,000 women & practitioners for the event, Hormones: A Women's Wellness Summit. This event was very well-received by women who are smart and really trying hard to be healthy, but still needed more information.

Some of the speakers overlap with our 2017 event, but some of these interviews are gems that you don't get in the 2017 summit:

  • Drug-Free Mental Health for Women with Dr. Kelly Brogan
  • Balance Brain Chemistry to End Anxiety with Trudy Scott
  • Food, Digestion and Your Hormones with Magdalena Wszelaki
  • Get in Flow with Your Cycle with Alisa Vitti
  • Natural Anti-Aging Solutions with Dr. Kellyann Petrucci
  • Avoiding Toxins in Your Food with Sayer Ji

You'll also get both notes and full transcripts on every interview, and an audio file as well.

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