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Unfortunately we can’t yet ship internationally, but there is a nice service called Shipito that lets you order lots of goodies from the U.S., and then they'll send them all to you.  Check it out here.  




MegaSpore is a pretty special brand of probiotic, sold only through practitioners.  It is spore-based and well-researched, and clients seem to love it.  Before you order, please carefully read through these FAQ. The FAQ link will also give you a code to get into the store.

To learn more about Megaspore and probiotics in general, tune in to our terrific interview with microbiologist and Megaspore co-founder, Kiran Krishnan.



Mighty Maca is a wonderful combination of over 40 time-tested, all-natural ingredients. It alkalizes the body to create an inhospitable environment for health problems and helps balance hormones naturally.

The reason why Mighty Maca gets amazing results is because its ingredients help overcome three barriers to a life of energy, vitality and connection. 

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More Information:

I have been a supplement nerd for at least 15 years. When I moved my business online, it became very cumbersome to recommend and ship supplements. But this year we had a breakthrough and now have a way for you to easily buy high- quality supplements from home.

Choosing supplements is confusing but they CAN make a big difference in your health when you use the right ones.

I would love to give you my personal recommendations on supplements, diet and lifestyle for your symptoms on a private call.  Schedule here.