If you are thinking of hiring me as your health care provider, you deserve to see my résumé!

Formal Education:

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner

2014-2015 Graduated from the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program, founded by Reed Davis

Masters in Oriental Medicine

2000-2003 International Institute of Chinese Medicine

Recipient of the Zeng scholarship, 3.8 GPA

Bachelors in Fine Arts

1992-1996 Ohio University

Double major in studio art and art history, minor in Spanish, 3.7 GPA

Practice Experience:

October 2011- Present

Owner, Health Coach & Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative                              Portland, Oregon

Tasks:  Research, Host of two Joyfully Pregnant online telesummits (totaling 3,000 attendees), Host of Hormones: A Women's Wellness Summit  (over 30,000 attendees), Creator of Launch Camp group fertility education program, Creator of Perfect Periods program, Creator of customized women's health plans for clients both via Skype, Host of Women's Wellness Radio and Sperm Meets Egg, and the Author of Making Super Sperm and the upcoming title, You Have Amazing Eggs.

July 2007- July 2017

Owner and Acupuncturist at Blue Sky Wellness Studio                                                    Portland, Oregon

Tasks:  Patient Care, especially in acute and chronic pain, mental health, diet, pregnancy care and women's health.  Lead staff of 10 acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors and naturopathic physicians in integrative care. Conducted over 10,000 treatments. (www.blueskyportland.com)

July 2004- July 2007

Self-employed Acupuncturist at Yoga Pearl                                                                       Portland, Oregon

Tasks:  Patient Care, Billing, File Preparation, Schedule Management, Inventory Orders, Marketing

January 2006- February 2007

Acupuncturist Employee at Cascade Acupuncture                                                          Hood River, Oregon

Tasks:  Patient Care in group and private setting, Note and Record keeping, Clerical Assistance

Continuing Education:

Blueprint for Healthy Living - Environmental Toxins course with Lara Adler - 20 hours

Eat to Live 1, Rylen Feeney, ABT, CH, LMT- 16 hours

Men’s Health and Infertility, Peter Deadman- 5 hours

PCOS:  Treatment of Infertility, Jane Lyttleton- 3 hours

Balancing Hormones and Supporting Breast Health, Lynn Mikel, ND - 8 hours

EPT treatment for pain-Malvin Finkelstein, LAc- 42 hours

Gut:  Core of Self by Daniel Weber, LAc - 8 hrs

Big Shift Experience Coaching course with Bill Baren Coaching- 3 years

Basic Balancing and Advanced Balancing- Dr. Tan, OMD- 16 hours

Mater Tung’s Balancing treatments -Cole Magbanua, LAc-28 hours

Treating Infertility with Chinese Medicine- Cindy McClieu, LAc - 16 hours

Japanese Hari Treatment - Koi Kuahara, OMD - 100 hours

Endocrinology- Satya Ambrose, LAc, ND -7 hours

Herb Drug Interaction- John Chen, OMD -7 hours

Extraordinary Vessels- Jeffrey Yuen, OMD -14 hours

Motor points- Matt Callison, LAc-14 hours

Myofascial massage techniques-  Til Lachau, LMT- 14 hours

Clinical Assessment Tools course (lab data) with Dr. RitaMarie Loscalzo - 80 hours

BabyDust Fertility Lectures with Amelia Hirota, LAc - 8 hours

The Fertility Patient and Thyroid Autoimmune Disease with Leslie Oldershaw- 5 hours

Metabolic Syndrome and PCOS with Dagmar Ehling - 5 Hours

Defending the Human Fortress (Immune) with Lee Carroll - 8 hours

Teaching Experience:


Courses taught to public, in person or on-line:

“Qi Flow” a series of three lecture co-taught with a yogi/craniosacral therapist, “Herbs for Energy and Immunity,” “Treating Colds and Flu with Chinese Medicine,” and “Treating Infertility with Chinese Medicine,” “Treating Pain with Chinese Medicine”, “Quitting Smoking with Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy,” “Ancient Chinese Secrets of Eating,” “Get Pregnant Now, “Best Nutrition for Maximum Fertility,” "How to Get Pregnant:  Five Things Every Woman Should Know," "The Five Fertility Archetypes."

Summer 2010

Administrative Teaching Assistant 

Assistant to Dr. Zhaoxue Lu, herbology review course, OCOM, Portland, Oregon

Tasks:  compiling data, editing content for teaching materials


Taught English as a first and second language in Guyana, Mexico and Ohio