Detox Your Hormones: Lesson 1 - Detox Your Home

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Bonus Video Series: Non-Toxic Swaps for Your Home

Here are some notes and links from the videos that follow.

In this video, Bridgit Danner shares about the dangers of plastic in the kitchen and describes the different alternatives for plastic utensils such as ceramic, stainless steel and glass utensils.

Bridgit takes you on a tour of common cleaning products, which are often toxic. Fortunately, there are many safer options, and Bridgit shares her tips on how we can use the alternative cleaning methods instead of the synthetic products for kitchen and home.

Next, Bridgit takes us on a tour of her pantry. Unfortunately, many of our foods contain processed ingredients such as GMOs and MSG. Here Bridgit shares easy tips and tricks to help you make healthier pantry choices.

Here Bridgit invites you to join her as she reviews her medicine cabinet. Many of our common remedies contain harmful ingredients like food coloring, synthetic ingredients and other products that cause unnecessary side effects. Here Bridgit shares the safer alternatives she’s found, for a healthier medicine cabinet.

Next, Bridgit takes a look at common beauty products. Most beauty products on the market today contain heavy metals and fragrance, which your body can easily absorb through the skin. Watch this video to learn about Bridgit’s favorite safer beauty products, so you can look good and feel good, too!

Bonus Video: Extra Tips to Detox Your Home