We are very proud of our functional medicine strategy to treat women's health.

To get a taste of how we work, and for us both to determine if a series of sessions with us is the right fit for your needs, we invite you to experience our Initial Hormone Assessment.  

In this private session, we use two symptoms surveys:

The first we use to evaluate the health of your sex hormones, including thyroid hormone, androgens, estrogen and progesterone, and also cortisol and insulin.

The second evaluates the broader function of the body, including digestion and detoxification.

The session itself takes about 30 minutes.  If we are both feeling it a good match, we can take additional time, as available, to discuss what moving forward with care would look like for you.

If we do not feel our services are a match for your needs, we have a network of friends in practice and will refer you to a better resource if we are able.

We want to be clear that this session is not intended to diagnose or treat disease. We will also not be able to comment on your current treatment plan.

As we use laboratory tools to determine the best course of action, we must first collect those results before we can move forward.

You may purchase this session on the right.  Once purchased, please complete the questionnaires here, and email to bridgit@bridgitdanner.com.  

You will contact you about scheduling once both payment and intake forms are received.  Thank You!  Bridgit Danner, LAc and Staff