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High Odds of Gut Infection

Please note that this is a basic, online quiz and is not intended as a diagnosis or treatment plan, nor is it meant to replace your relationship with a primary care physician. 


Per your answers, you have a high chance of having a gut infection.  Don't panic! It something that can be tested and your gut health can be restored. Actually all of us have gut critters, it's just a matter of if they are kept in check or not.


You have probably suspected an issue with your digestion, but you may not have thought about in terms of infections. Among our clients, even the ones who have super healthy diets, we see infections on lab results all the time.  Seriously, it's all the time.

When the digestive system becomes weakened due to stress, toxins, processed foods, travel or antibiotic use, we become great hosts for bacteria and parasites that we could otherwise keep in check.  Even if your lifestyle today is gut-friendly, that isn't always enough to eradicate what critters have made a home inside you.

This condition is often missed by conventional doctors and nutritionists.  It requires some advanced testing and health coaching that functional practitioners like us do!

Through a series of emails we'd like to share some information about types of infections, how to test for them and how to restore your health. Sound good?

Again, we don't want you to feel panicked, as we are all covered with bacteria inside and out.  It's great to get more educated about gut pathogens if you are feeling out of balance.

Check your email inbox for the first step to take.  Don't forget to check your promotions or junk folder.  We may have landed there but you can move us over!

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We're happy to have you!

Bridgit Danner, FDNP

Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative