Lesson 2: Nutrition to Support Detoxification

How to Use This Information:

If you are in this course, you are likely already trying to make some good choices with your diet. You may be eating more organic foods, cooking yourself, or have gone paleo or keto. All these steps can potentially help you detox or balance hormones.

But I invite you do two things:

  1. Read over these documents and look for foods, macronutrients, micronutrients and habits that are lacking in your diet, or that you’ve never tried. Make a note of them.

  2. Start buying some new foods or some ingredients to fulfill the above.

  3. Start incorporating these into your routine. You may want to choose just one item or recipe a week, or you may want to choose two or three.

Through this exercise, please remember this: if you aren’t feeling your best, something is off in your toxicity or how you nourish yourself. So be curious and explore new options.

Macronutrient Planner (fats, carbs, protein and other building blocks)

Micronutrient Planner (vitamins and minerals- what they do and how to get them)

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Advanced Detox Techniques

Seed Cycling / Eating More Seeds

How to Balance Blood Sugar

How to Recover from Adrenal Fatigue

Meal Planner worksheet

Morning Detox Drink and Routine

Leaky Gut Do’s and Don’ts