Hello, and thank you for your interest in being an affiliate with Women's Wellness Collaborative!

Our big online event for 2017, the Hormone Balance After 40 Summit, happens June 5-12!

You can earn 50% commission on sales of the event, and 70% after your 1,000 opt-ins. You'll also be tagged as an affiliate for future sales for the life of the client. And you'll be helping women move into mid-life with grace rather than a crash landing.

You can sign up as an affiliate in the box below.  Already a partner? Click here to access the Referral Partner Center.

You can also join our professional Facebook group, which is a fantastic way to network, here.  We will post on the Facebook group when we are looking for speakers and writers, and others in the collaborative are doing the same.



1.  Fun

You got into online health care for the love of it.  I plan to have fun with this event, in our interviews, our materials, and our interaction with attendees.  Come play!

2.  Exposure

With our events being attended by thousands of health-minded women, your business will gets lots of exposure to your target market.  We also have opportunities to join us as a guest blogger or podcast guest.

4.  Make Money

Whether you are speaker, sponsor, or affiliate, there is solid earning potential as you share with us.

5.  Highlight Your Expertise

You are a unique, inspiring expert and I plan to bring out both your informative gems and your shining personality.

6.  Networking

Get to know your fellow speakers, sponsors and affiliates as desired.  We'd love to see further partnerships made within the Women's Wellness Collaborative. The best place for this is at our Facebook professional group.

If you'd like to request to be a speaker, affiliate or have questions about any of this information, email me here.  

Thanks!!!  Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDN

Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative