Welcome! We're so pleased to share our favorite essential oil company with you. DoTERRA oils are sustainably sourced from all over the world and third party tested to ensure that what you get is just the pure oil, without fillers or chemical residues.

There are two ways to shop with doTERRA: 

1.  Retail

You can browse and buy just one thing or a whole kit at the site. You can also take advantage of BOGO (Buy one, get one) specials.  But you won't get the wholesale discount below!

2.  Wholesale

For an $35 initial fee, you can take 25% off all orders for a year. OR waive your membership fee by choosing a starter kit. You'll also get access to extra perks, like doTERRA's loyalty program, that, once joined can earned you product credit and a free oil each month.

Every new wholesale member will be entered into a special raffle during BOGO week. Winner drawn Sunday.

Need help placing a wholesale order or deciding what to buy?  During BOGO week, call me between 9-6 MT at 971 328 0684.  Or email!