Can I share my story, and why it put me on a mission to help other women end their silent suffering? 


I grew up the daughter of an army officer, and we moved every few years, so I was always having to fit in at a new school. My parents were loving, but there wasn’t a lot of open communication in our home.



As a result, I got good at staying under the radar and being ‘a good girl.’ But my true self, and my sensitive side, were not getting an outlet, and sometimes I’d have to have an hour-long crying fit to let it all out.


This sensitive, courageous girl inside me did get some release as I took up animal rights and environmental causes even at an early age. When Greenpeace came to the door when I was 10, I gave them all my money and became a member. When I was 14, I wrote my cosmetics company to see if they tested on animals.


With my love of nature and desire to serve, it’s not surprising that I went into natural medicine. I had an amazing experience in Chinese Medical School, and went on to a vibrant private practice at a yoga studio.


But I knew I wanted to start a family, so I went on to open a larger clinic with multiple rooms and employees. I did not anticipate the amount of stress and worry this responsibility would create!


Meanwhile I was busy getting married, and then pregnant 3 months later. I worked my tail off in my new clinic throughout my pregnancy.  After my beautiful son was born, I crashed. I was overwhelmed, anxious and fighting with my husband. Once again I was suffering in silence.


I reached out to a life coach I heard on a webinar. She was my first saving grace, but I needed more tools. I learned about whole food nutrition, and how to cook with whole foods. I learned about blood sugar, the adrenal glands and functional medicine. And, most importantly, I was helping myself, instead of always trying to help and serve others.


Over time, my hormones normalized, my mood was better, and I was able to really let my light shine. I came out of that dark place of postpartum depression with a fierce desire to serve other women. For me, my ‘trigger event’ was a difficult postpartum, but it’s different for every woman.


I came out of that experience with a deep desire to help other women ideally prevent those kind of hormonal lows, but also to help them get out of any hormonal imbalance.


Our organization, Women's Wellness Collaborative, is an online community where women can learn, share, heal and fully express their true brilliance.


But, my story didn't end there. In my late 30s, I started to show signs of female hormone imbalance again. While emotional stress was still a factor, age and a moldy house were now at play too.

As women, we face different challenges as time passes. The challenges don't end, but how we face them can improve tremendously.


I love helping other women get the resources they need to be vibrantly healthy.  If you haven't yet joined our newsletter community, you can do so here.  

This page link holds my official resume. You can read my unofficial resume here.