Testing Female Hormones with Ann Melin

Hormones are such a mystery! One month your cycle is behaving, the next month it's not.  Why I love lab testing for hormones is that it reveals the cold, hard facts, and from there you can take the best action to get great results.

Our expert today is Ann Melin, who is a Clinical Nutritionist, a Clinical Master Herbalist, a yoga teacher, and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner.  

I invited her over to talk to us about DUTCH, or the Dried Urine Test of Comprehensive Hormones.  

Here are some things we cover:

  • What is the dutch test and why do you use it?
  • How do you take a dutch test? 
  • What does it include and cost?
  • What can you learn from your DUTCH test?
  • How would you develop a protocol based on these results?

Ann also shares two really interesting case studies that help you see how the symptoms, tests and protocols come together.

You can find out more about Ann at her website.  Ann offers a complimentary consult for prospective clients at this link.  

Listen to my interview with Ann through the player below, and be sure to also get subscribed to our weekly interviews at iTunes or most podcast players.