Welcome!  This is a short but in-depth guide that I created for practitioners, but I wanted to share with the whole of my community.  

You may just want to get the hang of charting your basal body temperature, and then share your results with me or your established practitioner.

Or you may be ready to really learn more about BBT data and what it may mean to you or your clients.

Please note that this information is educational in nature and does not replace guidance from a primary care provider.

If you'd like to contact me as a potential client, you can do so here.  We will also be offering an affordable fertility self-study course soon, so be sure you are on our newsletter if you'd like to hear about it.

Thanks!  Bridgit Danner, LAc

Video One:

In this section, we'll review the menstrual cycle, and talk about how and why to do basal body temperature charting.

Video Two:

In this video, we will look at example charts and talk about what can go 'wrong' in a chart.