This program is designed for cycling women who are not using birth control (or are coming off of it) and wanting help with: PMS, irregular cycles, infertility and early peri-menopause.  The upper age for this course is probably 44.  It is also a fantastic systems review for overall health.  This course is self-study, but includes a private Facebook group for support.  Learn more here.


This online summit was hosted in June 2017. We brought together the best and the brightest in the field of natural hormone balance. Topics covered include: A Functional & Paleo Approach to Hormones, The Three Body Systems to Support for a Happy Menopause, Recovering from Mid-life Health Breakdowns, Heavy Metals and Your Hormones, and Natural Remedies to Avoid Hormone Replacement Therapy. There are bonuses worth over $800 which include free ebooks on hormone balancing, cookbooks, a video presentation and a kitchen makeover kit by Bridgit Danner. The information is well beyond the basics, so even if you feel you’ve “tried everything,” you will be impressed by our experts’ information.

You can purchase this summit package here.


This amazing online event we hosted in April 2016.  We have over 40 speakers, all experts in different aspects of women's health.  These resources were meant to serve as a lifelong companion guide for women. Topics include:  Food for Hormone Balance, Toxins to Avoid, Thyroid Disorders and Life Stages from Fertility to Perimenopause.  There are also gobs of bonuses, including recipe books. The level of expertise in these lectures is suitable for practitioner learning as well!  You can purchase this collection here.



Products We Like

You are a conscious consumer just like me, and I know you are on the look-out for high-quality items that support your health. When I find nice things we like, I also like to share them with you!  



I am a big fan of charting your cycle (as you learn about in our Perfect Periods program), and luckily there are some new-fangled inventions that make it a lot easier.  The Daysy fertility monitor can be used to prevent pregnancy with synthetic hormones, or to achieve pregnancy by learning your fertile window. It is an oral digital thermometer that gets to know your cycle.

You can watch my video interview with Holly Grigg-Spall, author of Sweetening the Pill and 'Daysy Ambassador' here.

 Visit Daysy's site here.



There are toxins coming at us from all around.  We cannot totally prevent it, but we MUST do all we can to reduce it.  The most important place to start is with what you put on your skin.  Your skincare is intended to absorb, so don't absorb endocrine-disrupting chemicals!

The Cream reached out to us to support our Hormone summit, and I was so happy to find out about them. Their skin creams are quite sophisticated, good-smelling and effective, and are free of toxins.

You can learn more in my interview with the inventor of the product, Denie Hiestand.

You can check out the product here.  They often give out sale codes to those on their newsletter list.

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